Biophilic Kitchen Design – The Next Big Kitchen Trend

kitchen design in Walnut Creek
Photo by roam in color

A kitchen is a critical space in your home. It’s an area where practicality matters a great deal. But as you outline your plan for kitchen remodel in Walnut Creek with practicality in mind, you might sometimes overlook the role kitchens play in a home environment or their untapped potential to bring people closer to nature.

Humans desire to connect with the natural environment to thrive and be happy. Biophilic kitchen elements add an outdoor view, excellent ambiance, and natural light to your space.

Key benefits of biophilic designs include:

  • Faster recovery from day-to-day stressors
  • Lower cortisol levels
  • Calm brain activities

Let’s discuss some ideas for kitchen remodel in Walnut Creek as we explore the kitchen from a biophilic design features viewpoint.

A Gathering Space

It’s no secret that the kitchen is a space for sharing. That means your kitchen must be a welcoming and lively space whether you go for an open or closed floor plan.

So, how do you reflect these elements in your Walnut Creek interior design? Have wide-enough spaces to facilitate food preparation and some form of ergonomic seating to cater to those who aren’t cooking. Such kitchen layouts stimulate the joy of cooking while doubling as pleasurable spaces to share views and experiences with other members of your family.

Functional Biophilic Features

Do you need to merge décor and function in a kitchen where space is seemingly insufficient? Incorporate biophilic elements in your kitchen. For instance, a glazed backsplash is an excellent way to open the views to the outdoors. It’s also an easy-to-clean surface.

Plus, having a raw countertop edge introduces a rich tactile element alongside a decorative feature, minus the need for extra accessories. Fancy greenery or fresh, self-grown cooking ingredients? Add integrated planters to craft a clutter-free space.

Make Your Storage Stand Out

Merging aesthetics and practical organization is a familiar design dilemma. Many kitchens end up as pristine and spotless spaces with zero use as a cooking area or a lived-in space that’s somewhat quite messy.

Here, the solution is to design functional and organized storage structures that enhance the room’s aesthetics, introduce layers of texture, and add organic shapes plus color variations.

Kitchen-Design a Sensory Haven

Need a space that offers a biophilic experience? Even in our busy modern life, food preparation can be a pleasurable exercise. Showcase your space’s sensory elements of sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. A biophilic kitchen design in Walnut Creek lets you enjoy nature in every aspect while providing a welcoming space to share and have fun.