Do you have questions? The answers to our most common questions are below. If you need more information — or your question wasn’t on the list — please get in touch with us so we can help!

Why Should I hire an Interior Designer?

An Interior Designer will save you money and time by getting it done right the first time. Having a designer on board will save your precious time and make the process stress-free. Her/his expertise and experience will help you avoid costly mistakes that could require correction, or a design workaround in the future. She/he can manage the entire project for you, coordinating with contractors, purchasing items, arranging the room, etc., so you don’t have to!

And because of their knowledge of materials and building practices, Interior Designers will find creative solutions to design challenges. They can help you maximize and repurpose what you already have, and help you feel confident to make bolder choices.

Can an Interior Designer give me access to furnishings not readily available to the public?

Yes. We have access to reliable, trustworthy resources and manufacturers – some of whom will only work with members of the design industry. We can also design custom pieces for you.

How do you bill for your services?

Raashi Design charges a flat fee/hourly combination for the design, depending upon the project needs and scope. This will be determined after our initial meeting.

Are you willing to do a big project in multiple phases?

Yes, we can modify the scope of work to be performed, or break it down into separate projects to better fit your financial situation. To do this, though, we will require a separate agreement to be formalized before the start of each project because a lot of things can change — for example specified materials get discontinued or a new product in the market might be a better fit for the project.

What does our preliminary consultation include?

The first contact with a client is typically via a 15 minute complimentary phone conversation to get an understanding of your project needs. If we are both interested in moving forward, a design consultation is scheduled.

This fee-based consultation is held in person and on-site so that we can discuss the scope of your project in detail. Our goal is to understand your desired outcome. We’ll talk about your budget and a realistic timeline for the project.

If you choose to hire Raashi Design for the project, then we will formalize our engagement and begin work. Learn more about the steps involved in a typical interior design project by clicking here.

How long does the project take to complete?

Each interior design project is unique. How long it will take depends upon the scope of what you want to accomplish — window treatments for a room or a kitchen remodel are two examples of projects with vastly different completion timeframes. Also the length of time it takes for the client to make decisions, site conditions, availability of materials, or unforeseen circumstances can impact the duration of the project. When we meet for the design consultation, we will discuss a timeline that will be realistic for your project.

How frequently will we be in contact during the project?

We do our best to return all phone calls and emails within 24 hours on weekdays and 48 hours on weekends. When we formalize our working agreement, we will determine the timeline for status meetings, the frequency of which will depend on what the project entails.

Do you provide drawings?

Depending upon the service offering chosen by the client, we provide the appropriate drawings, layout/plan, elevation drawings, 3D drawings, and electrical drawings.

What's your personal style?

Our founder, Sheeja Nair, specializes in contemporary design. However, she can design in any style that her clients prefer. Before beginning each project, she takes the time to learn about her client’s needs, wants, and personal taste, so that she can design their spaces accordingly.

Can we purchase our own products?

Yes, but please be aware that when you purchase the item yourself, all responsibility will fall on you to handle any issue related to billing disputes, delivery schedules and the quality of the merchandise. If Raashi Design is ordering the item for you, we will take that weight off your shoulders.

Setting up the space is part of our procurement service, but if you are purchasing it yourself, a set-up fee will be charged for us to come out and perform that service.