How to Stop Stressing Over Window Treatments

Interior design of a living room window

A designer can help you choose window treatments that will work best with your space – including the best way to dress a small, corner window.

window curtains, interior design living room

Windows can be intimidating. Especially if there are a lot of them. Even more so if they present a challenge such as a unique shape/size or odd placement.

Consulting a designer can reduce a lot of the anxiety you may feel about what to do with your windows.

Ideally, he/she will begin by asking you “What are you trying to achieve with your window treatment?”
A custom look for the room
More light, but less heat
An appropriate style and fit for a particular window
Once you have the answer to this all-important question, it’s easier for everything else to fall into place.

Because of his/her training, a designer can help you choose window treatments that will work best with your vision for the room and be functional for the space. Particularly if that space is tricky – such as a window set into a corner or one that is placed very high on a wall.

Designers will provide input as which is the better choice: drapes, blinds or shutters.
They also have access to a lot of textiles, so they can help you choose options that work well with your existing color scheme/fabrics.

To learn more about what window treatments will work best in your home, contact Sheeja today for a complimentary 15 minute conversation.

Interior Design breakfast nook, kitchen window blinds

Shutters are easy to maintain and very functional in this kitchen and breakfast nook.

multi-layered mini blinds, window interior design

The multi-layered honeycomb structure of these blinds cuts out a lot of the harsh light and heat during summer months, providing an energy savings to you! Because they can be operated individually or as a group by a convenient wall switch, you can avoid not-so-kid/pet friendly cords. Custom stationary panels on the sides dress up the window, giving it a more elegant look.