Making the Most of a Small Space

Interior Design Pleasanton

AFTER… A cozy, comfortable and inviting upstairs hang out area was created by adding plentiful seating, softer window treatments, more lighting and a pop of color.

Interior Design San Ramon

AFTER… A customized built-in for the wall niche offers storage for books, has a pull-out for the printer and provides a place for a TV.

Many people have one. A small area in the home that you’re not sure how to use or decorate. Perhaps it’s oddly shaped – too tiny to be a bona-fide room, but big enough to fulfill a purpose.

If you’ve been wondering what to do with such a space in your home, first take some time to consider your/your family’s lifestyle and daily routine. What need(s) do you have that this space could meet?

Could it become a cozy spot for you to read and relax?
A place for the kids to hang out and play video games?
An extra sleeping space for the kids when family comes to visit?
Or all of the above?

Once you determine what you want the space to do for you, then you can make it beautiful and functionally efficient through the use of color, lighting, window treatments, furniture and possibly a custom built-in.

To learn more about how to get the most out of the small space in your home, contact Sheeja today for a complimentary 15 minute conversation.

Danville Interior Design - Window Nook

BEFORE… This loft area had become cluttered and wasn’t well utilized. There was also no cohesive design theme.

Danville Nook Before Interior Design

BEFORE… A recessed area in the wall presented challenges for efficient storage of books, a printer and other items.