A Designer’s Guide to Determining Your Interior Design Style


Interiors are more than just a collection of furniture and decor; they’re a canvas for self-expression. Your home’s interiors, much like your favorite playlist, speak volumes about who you are. They are a reflection of the people who inhabit them, showcasing their unique preferences, personal tastes, and cherished family memories.

There’s no definitive right or wrong when it comes to design, only a journey of discovery. As a designer, my role is to act as a guide, helping clients unearth and articulate their individual style and identity, ultimately crafting spaces that authentically represent who they are and what they love.

Here’s a peek into the process of how I determine my client’s interior design style…

Step #1: Find What Catches Your Eye

For every project, we have a thorough intake process. While we encourage clients to collect images they like on an idea board or Pinterest, we also go through a series of images and inspirations with them to capture their aesthetic preferences more broadly.

When collecting inspiration images, we suggest they do so without overanalyzing, starting by pinning or clipping images that visually resonate with them and focusing on what catches their eye rather than dissecting the reasons why. We explore various styles, specific rooms, or colors to create a diverse collection of ideas, allowing the client’s preferences to surface organically.


Step #2: Determine Aesthetic Direction 

The collection of inspiration images, either gathered by the client or acquired through our collaborative process, provides us with a general aesthetic direction. We seek out recurring design elements, including color palettes, furniture styles, and patterns, to identify common themes.

These themes often reflect a blend of the various personalities involved in the process. They serve as the foundational elements upon which we build, incorporating other design elements and an overall ambiance into our creative vision to produce a cohesive final design plan.


Step #3: Create Design Concepts 

In the process of narrowing down the details they love into a design concept for each space, we start by distilling the common themes and emotions that emerge from the inspiration images and client discussions.

After the space planning schematics are completed to address the functional needs, we then focus on key elements, such as a specific color palette, a defining piece of furniture, or a particular design style that resonates the most. Once the design direction becomes clear, we make all material, finish, and furnishing selections that align with this concept, ensuring a harmonious and cohesive final result.

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Begin your exploration today, collecting inspiration and ideas that truly speak to your heart. When the time comes to dive into the real design process, rest assured that we’ll be here to assist you every step of the way. After your design journey with us, you’ll be delighted with a space that’s not just a reflection of your style but one that vividly tells your unique story—an inspiring and inviting space that truly feels like home.

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